'Cannibal Roses' was a monthly radio show hosted by Michelle, playing mainly coldwave and dark post-punk every Saturday on Cathedral 13 from December 2011 to September 2015. You can enjoy the podcasts of all the shows HERE!

Playlist + Podcast - February, 2013

The cold marble slab submits at my feet with a neat dissection ...

- 'Nightshift' by Siouxsie And The Banshees (Juju)
- 'Badi' by Nox (Acte 1)
- 'La Poupee' by Guardian Bird (La Poupee 7")
- 'Rebelle' by Therese Racket (Rebelle 7")
- 'The Nightmare (1st Version)' by Mary Goes Round (L'Appel De La Muse Vol. 1)
- 'Detachment' by Linea Aspera (Linea Aspera)
- 'Ain't You' by Kleenex (Untitled EP)
- 'Wings' by The Fall (Perverted By Language)
- 'Bright Lights In Cascades' by Pins And Needles (Victims)
- 'Stuck' by Rule Of Thirds (Demo)
- 'Nasty' by The Damned
- 'Dead Joe' by The Birthday Party (Junkyard)
- 'Kickin' Up The Sawdust' by Bone Orchard (Stuffed To The Gills EP)
- 'Dance On The Wire' by Ave Maria (New Maps Of Hell)

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