'Cannibal Roses' was a monthly radio show hosted by Michelle, playing mainly coldwave and dark post-punk every Saturday on Cathedral 13 from December 2011 to September 2015. You can enjoy the podcasts of all the shows HERE!

Playlist + Podcast - July, 2013

I'm gonna get you in the end ...

- 'The Lords Prayer' by Siouxsie And The Banshees (Join Hands)
- 'Falling Apart' by Astaron (Das Grauen Aus Dem All)
- 'Hourglass' by Contre Jour (One Night At The Station)
- 'Send No Flowers' by Vision Baroque (La Muse Venale comp.)
- 'Small Town' by Red Rain Coat (In Between The Fronts 7")
- 'The Art Of War' by Siglo XX (Re-Released 80-82)
- 'Another Girl' by Screaming For Emily (Grey The Sky)
- 'Skull' by Phosphor (Skull)
- 'Third Song' by Disjecta Membra (Achromaticia - expanded digital reissue)
- 'Sarah' by Cabaret Grey (Stirring EP)
- 'Happy Birthday' by The Birthday Party (Hits)
- 'Ruins Of Western Civilization' by Strange Dolls Cult (Demo)
- 'Wasted Blades' by Iron Horse (Demo)

Cannibal Roses - July, 2013 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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