'Cannibal Roses' was a monthly radio show hosted by Michelle, playing mainly coldwave and dark post-punk every Saturday on Cathedral 13 from December 2011 to September 2015. You can enjoy the podcasts of all the shows HERE!

Playlist + Podcast - February, 2015

Can I? - stick skewers in my skin, and whirl a dervish spin ...

-  'Icon' by Siouxsie And The Banshees (Join Hands)
-  'Sinking' by Cold Colors (After Dark/Sinking EP)
-  'Sometimes' by Shadow Age (Demo)
-  'No Accident' by Car Crash Set (No Accident)
-  'Night Lark' by Lakes (Crossed With Leaves)
-  'Heaven Street' by Death In June (Lesson 1: Misanthropy)
-  'Jo' by Second Still (Demo)
-  'Five Ten Fiftyfold' by Cocteau Twins (Head Over Heels)
-  'Stay Away' by Shadowhouse (Hand In Hand)
-  'Walk Into The Sun' by The March Violets (The Botanic Verses)
-  'No Swan' by Red Voice Choir (A Thousand Reflections)
-  'Burn' by Arts And Decay (Trails of Tears)
-  'Mother/Master' by Rule Of Thirds (Demo)
-  'Better Off Dead' by Pins And Needles (Pins And Needles)
-  'Nothing's Wrong' by Live Not On Evil

Cannibal Roses - February, 2015 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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