'Cannibal Roses' was a monthly radio show hosted by Michelle, playing mainly coldwave and dark post-punk every Saturday on Cathedral 13 from December 2011 to September 2015. You can enjoy the podcasts of all the shows HERE!

Playlist + Podcast - March 2015

You dip your hands into my flesh ...

-  'Placebo Effect' by Siouxsie And The Banshees (The Thorn EP)
-  'J'Attends' by Persona (Mea Pulpa comp.)
-  'Labour In Vain' by Multiple Man (Persuasion 12")
-  'City Lights' by Skeleton Hands (Crystalline Dreams EP)
-  'Chemicals Pt. 2' by Bruch (SOS comp.)
-  'The Next Step' by Deathly Quiet! (Deathly Quiet!)
-  'The Moon' by Crimson Ivy (Spiritual Vision)
-  'Think' by Geometric Vision (Virtual Analog Tears)
-  'Give Me It' by The Cure (The Top)
-  'Mr. Clarinet' by The Birthday Party (The Birthday Party)
-  'Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil' by The Anxiety Of Love (Nausea Libido)
-  'Despair, Don't Care' by Blue Cross (I Am Death)
-  'Never Again' by Dead Eyes (Dead Eyes)
-  'Instinct' by Siiiii (Modern)

Cannibal Roses - March, 2015 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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